seven inches of daotw.

finished the final mixes for the "rebukes!" seven inch. it's gonna be the first of a trilogy.. i've already got titles and a bunch of stuff written for the next two, but i'll keep it mum for the time being.

trying to get the artwork finished so that Aljon and I can have the whole thing ready for the evidently already-announced February 7th release date. I think we're gonna do it via silkscreen, so expect reports of some long nights. there's still some chance that daniel might do it, too, though. which is neat, because his art is way better than mine. (maybe a poster?) anyway, it's gonna be good.. and there'll be a copy of the audio on cd as well, so it's viable for all with even the faintest of purchasing powers.

three shows in the works. check the sidebar. i'm courting a neat old rickenbacker PA to make shows in non-equipped locations easier to pull off. so far it has been more than receptive to my advances. i'm hoping it's not just the thrill of the chase.