yor speekid blulls.

Thursday show at Berbati's was fun. I hadn't really played on a stage like that. Dave was very helpful in getting it to sound right. thanks to everyone who came and watched and to casey moral for asking me to play. And of course to everyone who played.

Last night's red76 release of chuck's book was grand. It was really nice to meet Sam76 and Macloud and to finally get to hear macloud's totally amazing music. I'm trying to figure out what the name which he plays under is, because it was unfamiliar syllables and I can't remember it.. but i know he's playing at valentine's on the 18th of february and at towne lounge on the 5th. when i figure it out, i'll post it. (edit: le ton mité) Thanks to Chuck and Daniel for asking me to play and for having mike and i play in knifehit, Modernstate for also playing, Sam76 for sorta orchestrating the whole thing, macloud for playing, and everyone for showing up and getting just the right amount of out-of-hand. (i mean, at least that's how it was when mike and I left.)

don't forget about next thursday at DUNES with Modernstate and A John Henry Memorial. It's gonna be good.

In other news, a final draft of the cover is finished, so Al and I are set to start silkscreening.. we did all the paperwork the other day, so he thinks we may be seeing a test-lacquer of the seven inch in as little as a week-and-a-half.