there's always a skate video!

not really much of a way around it: last night's show at dunes was a bummer. I tried pretty hard to roll with the punches, but ultimately ended up not pulling it off very well and feeling a little disappointed about it.

apologies to the friends who had to leave when it became obvious that I was gonna be playing really late. gotta figure out how I'm gonna fix my PA after it totally fritzzzed out before I could even use it last night. It's gonna have to be a DIY fix for now, since the radiator on my car totally blew up yesterday and I'm far less capable of fixing that. I need a bike-wagon or something to get to shows in town.

The good news is that the audio is finished for the collaborative release with argumentix, and it sounds really beautiful. It's tentatively titled "A Prairie Elephant Remembers", and we're hoping to have a bunch of copies finished before the Argumentix & Dead/Bird tour starts on the 20th.