yr voice was a distant warble.

the california 'jaunt' was fun as goddamn.
thanks to ghost family, western graves, la-dee-da, stout is a closet homosexual, the come-live-with-me jazz band, zack, rosie, tim, winston, hiram, emily, darah, pergolesi, and copyright for being totally kind and hospitable and welcoming while I was out there.

I drove long distances and listened to lots of music and ate cashews and talked to nice people. I drank coffee. I ate potatoes. I also listened to 'Heart of Darkness'. I read it when I was seventeen. I'm glad I listened to it instead of reading it this time. It's so good just the same.

coulda played another show on saturday with ghost family, but I jumped the gun and started driving north too early.. oh well.. next time.

I have fun shows coming up.. check the section up above.. a benefit for the back to back cafe, a fun and crazy eugene show, a show with Oh Sees.. which is John Dwyer's band.. who has played some of my favorite music in the world over the years.. etc. etc.