Plans have changed.

I may as well be direct about it:

I've never loved any placetime more than portland2006 or felt more engaged and humbled by the level of insight in the music and art going on around me.
which makes it nigh unexplainable that I've decided to accept an offer to relocate my place of occupation from here to here for the next six months.

So there you go. It's a projectionist job at a little theatre. It pays above-decently and I'll have a lot of time to explore and do (hopefully) fun shit with (hopefully) fun people before I return to pdx with gold fronts.

I leave on the first.

Monday night is my last portland show for prolly quite a while.


p.s. - I'ma miss everyone in this place so fucking much, but also special thanks to daniel, bennett, jeff, robin, jevon, and devin for absorbing what (hopefully) little slack I have tried-not-to-but-inevitably-left in the aftermath of this decision.

p.p.s. - come visit!