last item: lest I should fail to drive it far enough into the ground.

received the new Mattress record in the mail today, and it destroys. all post-apocalyptic cr78s and rex's slapped-back, ring-modulated desert baritone lamenting the songs about the bad times. get it from james' belowpdx label. Makes me miss portland even more. I'ma be home soon.

(Oh yeah, and I think Mattress and Bird Costumes are embarking on their northestwestest tour with a show in portland tonight.. maybe we'll be playing at the same time! shows-bros coast-to-coast!)

My mom has a new story up about computer viruses, native american folklore, dragons, post-apoctalyptic survival, and drown't bandits. She even says a few cusses! (You love cusses.)

Yoni's gonna come live here for a couple months, and we'll get to do some fun recording in the basement of the house where he's renting a room. Sounds like he's also gonna send me some pants Ryan and Kyla (pdx must miss you, but chicago must love you) didn't want anymore from their old house / his new house in pdx! Seriously. It is hard to find pants in NYC for less than $100,000.00. Some nice kids at the University of Idaho have invited me to come play in the springtime, and I'm hoping the timing will work out right so as like Yoni can come along, too.

and finally:
rad show tonight!