a list of things in list form

0. dang so much happening.
1.show with xh, fred thomas, and little claw was weird. Everybody played beautifully and yet somehow the night just felt shitty. It was weird, I guess that happens sometimes. I don't know.
2.show with Earth and Noxagt was nerve-wracking. I haven't felt that nervous in so long. I sang so clear. My voice came out of me so clear. The sounds I made swept along like ice-wind from when I was a kid.
3.Dana and Rob and I did our "A New On-Time Face Dot" performance in Ashland, Oregon.. it featured a couple of Dragging an Ox through Water songs and a couple of Piss Mystics songs. I might have forgotten that our efforts to prepare for this performance sort of spawned a new bandlet. Meet the Piss Mystics. Ok. We had a lovely breakfast in a cat-lady bathroom-themed cafe the next morning and then drove on a backwards conveyor belt all the way back northward portlandward. Dana's paintings and sculptures were so good. Rob's LIVE WEBSITE SCREENING was so good.
4.Willamette Week printed a kind write-up of Dragging an Ox through Water as number eight in their best new best new bands bands new list. Thanks to the people who decided to put me on their lllists. That was nice of you. Casey and I talked for a long time about old times and it's probably best that very little of it was printed.
5.Oh yeah, I made a record for my little sister's massage therapy business which she started all by herself and which is called "Beneficial Body Works"[(503) 345-8790 you should seriously call her she is my little sister and is serious about her work and is awesome and deserves to prosper]. It's really nice sleeping music, I think, and a few other people have already said that it's good writing music and somesuch. Maybe I'll make some more records like this instead of just disparate tracks. Anyhow, the record is by Dragon and Ox and it's called "Is There Heat Rising In Your Neck". It's kind of a remix record, I suppose, since it's all granular resyntheses (drenched in reverb and EQ and lots of LFO automations out of phase with one another) of other recordings I've made. It is about being little in montana.
6.Tom from Jackie-O-Motherfucker and I are co-curating a night of art, visuals, and improvisational music called "Mindblowing" on the first thursday of may. Hopefully it'll become a monthly thing. Really excellent musicians and players have been signing on. click back to that link occasionally and there'll be updates.
7.Spring is here. Oh jeez.
8.I'll be doing a collaborative performance with Argumentix at the Artistery on Friday along with the bands Team Evil, and At Dusk. It sounds pretty rough and awesome so far.
9.many other good events coming up. oh and a seven inch on gold vinyl on psychosphere eventually, too.