honk if you're horned or doomed

played some real good shows in NYC both in Dragging an Ox as well as Janus Pans Dans Heather. Ron and I caught the midnight thanksgiving plane and figured nobody would be on it so we could sleep all over the aisles and chairs and in the compartments but we were dead wrong. Jennifer let us sleep in her apartment the next day, though. and the day after and the day after, too.. and Nika and Helen after that and Christina, and Jennifer some more. Jesus people have well-heated places in NYC. Maya Hayuk let us practice and store stuff in her studio in the Secret Project Robot gallery and I finally got to see the Lamont Young Dream House installation. Monkeytown kinda inadvertantly played gracious host to the portland crew all week long, too, and our show there with Katie Eastburn was tied for most fun with TJO's book release at soundfix. We bundled up because it snowed and Will was gonna throw out this coat which I'm now gonna give to brad, but it kept me warm in NYC because I wore it on top of four others. AUNTS put on two really good living-space shows and Ron, Jennifer and I saw Otto: Zoo Gorilla at the library. I almost went to Miami on the last day because Dana was leaving PDX the day before I got home for NADA. She got to see the stooges.
I got into a fistfight at the airport. Just kidding.
I got up at five this morning and Ron and I are gonna play music tonight, I had a cold which felt like crazy allergies for two days but I feel better now and ready to play. It's dark in Portland. I'll play with Jackie-O fresh back from Europe and EARTH this thursday! EARTH!
And I put a song on a P:ear benefit christmas album!
and Children Of The Revolution, too.