well we were up on the roof on friday night, well first we went up on the roof across the street to just look at brad's installation on the roof of audiocinema. we were at jessica's opening at small a projects, but brad was still up there in the wind and the rain and we went up and climbed Treachery Ladder and nearly froze but the thing got done and looked great. maybe it's still up there? i don't know my friends. Chillern of the Revolution was a squeeze. ...worms and TJO oh jesus christ. And Jonny and Fist Fite.
Maybe I mentioned the Earth and Jackie-O show and how it was good? Did I also mention that Prowls and Metal Rouge and Tunnels show? No, I did not. It was good.
Cold nights and we had the same dream.
Ice hands. Combing Circle.
My phone battery won't stay alive right now. Lame.
And last night I was reading a book about spirit photography. Shaping a chicken liver into an ectoplasmic baby hand.
Good times Great oldies.