the carmps

13 days left of Bush Dynasty Rule. My dreams have been vivid the past few days.. the wind has been howling here at night.
I finished a sculpture for a show in Austin after having hated it for several days. It turned out beautiful, though, after I worked on it some more, and it is propped up unevenly on an australian fossil rock.
The wind has been howling here at night and the sky has been all orange.
I had a dream about watching a new Crispin Glover movie called 'Paperclip' about a sweet deformed boy who was as light as a paperclip when he was born. His parents had a romantic dinner which was different flavors of jelly out of tubes. this was after his mom had a wayward affair with a smooth but creepy character played by Brad Pitt which was kind of summarized in the early part of the movie. A scene of paperclip swimming in a pool when he is six or five.. his head pulls in between his shoulders like a tortoise, but when he reaches the surface his shoulders stay put and his head emerges with a lot of wrinkly extra flesh which forms a trailing hat kind of. He and his mother embrace really sweetly. It's not played up for weirdness even though the fact that it's a movie means it's inherently played up for weirdness. But the fact that it was a dream about a movie, I guess, makes it legitimately not played up for weirdness. Until it is retold on the internet.
We went to the Cease Fire in Gaza Demonstration on Saturday afternoon. This is fucking ridiculous. Now Israel's going to honor a three hour cease fire everyday to allow WFP to distribute food before it gets back down to business just bombing the shit out of all the people who are at least maybe recently fed. I'm no fan of rocket attacks, but I'm also no fan of blockading (for a year and a half) a region and allowing only enough humanitarian aid through to keep it teetering barely on the sunny side of a crisis.
Then I had a dream, the wind was howling and the sky was orange and the snow turned to whipping rain, then I had a dream of a similar storm, but the clouds were like plasma.. I saw a steady violent cyclone filled with lightning reach down into the water of a pool next door to this unfamiliar apartment where this dream was located. It magnetized a metal utility sink and I saw a wheelbarrow struggling toward it over a concrete ledge. I felt the blood in my arms curdle or clench or draw up toward the electricity in the air, it was painful like a shock and a muscle cramp and I tried to get everyone in the dream into the center of the downstairs in the apartment as far from the electricity outside as possible, but the walls were simple wood and drywall, I kept feeling surges in my arms and on my neck. It was exhilarating, I guess, too.