New Video directed by M Blash! first actual Music Video of Dragging an Ox through Water! "Snowbank Treatment" interpreted in light patterns, alright. Thanks to a number of people and a number of extremely aroused salamanders. Such a beautifully complimentary world this video conjures! NW Blash.

so many things which qualify as "news" and haven't been updated here. apologies and I'll commit to more updates in the future.. in the meantime, there's generally plenty of minutiae in the 'other things' section on the side there..

I'll be heading out on another tour with JOMF in early February.. there will be some Dragging an Ox through Water sets scattered in the mix as well.. and I'll try to add them to the calendar as I become aware of them.

started renting a studio space.. it's just out of the realm of what I can afford, but I'm willing to hustle for it.. working on a new seven inch for StankHouse among other things.. very excited for some new work to see some daylight.

Hope everyone made it through the sort-of-dark holiday season and is pushing forward into better futures than any yet seen.