Below PDX Mixtape #1

Compilation cassette tape for James Squeaky's BelowPDX label.

from the website:

"Fifteen of my favorite Portland area sound wranglers on 12 tracks. A pudgy dollop of diversity, my friends are so talented and I wanna show Ôem off. We're talking harsh noise, blissful sentiment, weirdo pop, tape collage and a little bit in between the sheets discomfort. I've listened to this so many times and I still haven't gotten sick of it.

The Tenses
(Rick/Jackie of Smegma, this is the premiere recording of thier new project.)
Frozen Body
(worth the price just for this track!)
Ghost to Falco
(atypical style for this clever songwriter consisting of musical, beautiful, and whimsical tape collage from field recordings in Europe)
(Dan Rizer, also of Budweiser Sprite kicking out some serious summer-hate)
Inca Ore
(Eva unfortunately moved back to Oakland, but PDX is always in her heart)
The Sunken
(How can we not have the Kelso boys over for the party?!)
Loyal Mantooth
(I don't know what planet these bad-boys are from, wonderfully bizarre hip-hop flavored dark synth pop, served ice cold)
(Bob doesn't really live anywhere, but Portland is where we claim him)
Fouled Snow
(Pat Maherr, also of Sisprum Vish, DJ Yo-Yo Dieting, Shitty Vibe Smasher, and that one bike ensemble he plays in)
Dragging an Ox Through Water
(real honest to goodness perfect pop)
(Suzette of Haunted Castle, recent Portland transplant from Detroit)
(recent transplant from Denver, born in the basement with a four-track)

Special offer: If you prefer the ease of listening to mp3s on your ipods, buy this tape and make a note that you'd like a digital version as well and I'll send you a zip folder with the audio as one long high quality (320) mp3. You'll still get the tape as it's the way this audio is meant to be heard.

released July 14, 2008