release: "The Tropics of Phenomenon"

The Tropics of Phenomenon

<a href="">I would Understand by Dragging an Ox through Water</a>

The Tropics of Phenomenon (12") (cd version possibly forthcoming?)
by Dragging an Ox through Water

Recorded at Teen Sports! No Rules! studio
for the Awesome Vistas record label
Album cover art by Dana Dart-McLean, Printed by Neil at Monoroid.
source field recordings for "Earthen Airlock" by Sarah Meadows in Kentucky.
All other instruments, playing, recording, engineering, by Brian.
Mastered at John Golden Mastering.

1. I would Understand
2. Snowbank Treatment
3. a.) The Unbearable Dumbness of Being
b.) Earthen Airlock
4. Dice Smiles

5. Predictions
6. Houses and Homonculi
7. Lilacs Sprang from These Apes Brains
(Shut Down All U.S. Torture Facilities)
8. Devil's Prayer
9. Not Harping On Powers

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