a health is not so bad.

one of the best shows i've seen in a while and i got to play it, too.
my set went really pretty beautifully. i played a new song called 'oak and eye' or 'eight non-uses in a row' first. it has a drum and it was good.
i'd never gotten to see a john henry memorial before and tonight was evidently kind of uncharacteristic from what sam said, but it was fucking stunning. i wanna play more shows with davis just to see him again.
modernstate was more stoned and droned than i'd ever seen him and it was also my favorite set ever. he mic'd the street outside and it sounded perfect. sorry this is so enthusiastic. it would be dishonest otherwise, though. this was a good show.
almost nobody was there. it was really fucking rainy tonight. it was still one of the best shows i've seen in a while. thanks to everyone who came and to sam and davis for playing and to copy for booking the show and tending the bar.

davis john henry memorial is starting a tape label. he was telling me about some of the other people who're gonna be on it. i want to hear privacy immediately. it will probably be a while before i get to.