big happenings for the seven inch release! last night Al and i spent about six hours silkscreening the first one hundred and fifty copies of the first layer for the covers. it was fun. my back hurt afterward. thank god for lloyd and bennett foodhole being so willing to offer aid, put up with a hundred thousand irritating questions, and secretly BURN OUR SCREEN FOR US. confusing photos of the process coming soon.

today the ups man brought the three test-lacquers, too.. and they sound really very nice.

also.. in the shows section, you will notice an unmissable event on february 16th. jessica jones, who also plays in we quit and runs stop'n'rewind records.. tunnels, who also play(s/ed) in jackie-o-motherfucker, hustler white, alarmist, and a ton of other bands... and bird costumes, who also play(s/ed) in hustler white and knifehit/veterans.. are all playing a show with dragging an ox at the inimitable valentine's. it's a beautiful combination of sounds and drones and songs and we're all very excited to get to play a show together.