the vinyl is here!
Aljon and I have spent the past few days folding, stamping, and assembling the first three hundred thirty copies of the ACTUAL FINISHED SEVEN INCH (photos soon). It is very exciting.
mostly we listen to the ricky gervais show and go limp with hysterical laughter from time to time. So don't pay too much attention to our bitchery about all the hard work and whatnot.

So "rebukes!" will be available this thursday at the valentine's show (flyer shown above) for the first time. If you live in pdx, come for sure.

We've also scheduled an 'official release party' on March 9th at Food Hole with dead/bird, bird costumes, two percent majesty, and the steven lasombras. I'm pretty sure Lloyd Food Hole / Meth Labs said he was gonna screen a special poster for it, too. Details when they materialize.

oh.. and those of you who are far away.. if you wanna order it, write to dragginganox+rebukes at gmail dot com and I'll see that it gets mail'd to you promptly. I mean.. payment pending and all that.