day one and a half - london countryside looks like portland, copenhagen is kind.

arrived in london about an hour late and was worried about navigating
to stansted. thought i was getting into buying a trainpass, but
realized too late that i was actually shooting for a much more
expensive bus ticket. I made it on time, though.
Both glad and disappointed by my decision to bring only 'tour
editions' of the "rebukes!" record.. I did totally get hassled by a
customs agent in Heathrow. It was weird. He didn't catch me until
after I'd gone through normal customs, but then stopped me and asked
what I'd be doing in England.
"I'm just passing through today. On my way to Copenhagen"
"bit of busking, then?" (pointing at my guitar case)
"no, i just like to have a guitar along."
he didn't believe me at all.
"what do you do in the states, then?"
"i'm a projectionist"
"what's that, then? design?"
"no, like when you go see a film, i project it onto the screen so you
can watch it?"
"what's that then?"
pause pause pause.
"i'm not sure i understand what you're asking. i'm a projectionist.
i project films onto screens."
"alright, then. enjoy your traveling."
i felt myself get all nervous and tense.

despite my best efforts on the flight to copenhagen, i fell asleep. i
drank coffee. i was drawing, and passing out while i was drawing.
your vision gets all dark and gravelly. finally i put my head down.
woke up a while later and listened to some brainwave synchronizations
i made a few months ago. i don't really know if it helped.

got into copenhagen and impressed the hell out of myself by actually
using public transportation to get from the airport to where i needed
to be. i made myself this little book with maps and stuff and
addresses, so that even if i don't speak the language, i can still be
ingratiatingly polite and people are generally eagerly helpful.
did manage to get on the wrong 40 bus, and had to jump off and sprint
to the one going the opposite direction, but once again, people were
very understanding.
it took me forever to find the gallery.
i had to pee so bad. jesus. i didn't want my introduction to
copenhagen to involve an arrest for public urination, particularly,

the gallery is beautiful.
tom showed up shortly after i did and we spent a while sitting around
eating and resting. tried to set up the (evidently broken) PA. I
think there'll be a new one there this afternoon.
Chris and / or Nicolai are putting us up in these comfortable hotel
rooms. Tom and I walked across the bridge at about ten pm and managed
to get only a little bit lost on the way. we got checked in and
decided to come down for a whiskey and coke and to discuss our
approach to the show for today. i think we're gonna play together,
sort of alternate songs and improvisations.. jackie ox motherfucker..
dana showed up too! and we all sat around for a lot longer than that.
my eyes were spinning when the norwegian guy finally started taunting
us about kelly clarkson's crushing loss to one of his friends in the
World Idol series which we evidently don't get in the USA.

i slept hard. i woke up hard and thought i wouldn't get anymore
sleep. like what eric was saying about only being able to sleep for 4
hours at a time.. but i fell back asleep hard again and almost missed
our plan to take advantage of the free continental breakfast.

and then we went to christiania.

i have used up my fifteen minutes in the hotel lobby, though. i'll
maybe write some more later.