kobenhavn 2 and helsingor 1

show at the gallery was really nice.
Tom and I played through sorta blown speakers (we might have done well to suspect them during the previous night's dodgy experiments) but managed to make some beautiful sounds nonetheless.  There was a little guitar someone found in the trash.  Not little.  Trashed.  Nylon strings, but only three or four.  Tom wrote our new band name on it.  "Mind Blowing".  And chris played it along with us and dogs barking.
We all went to a bar.  Chris and Jo and Bob and Christopher and Dana all DJ'd and tequila and danish beer were furnished kindly and unabashedly.  You know.  I got to that point.  And Tom and Dana got there at a pretty similar time.
And we tried to get a cab, but we were doing something wrong.  Nobody was stopping.
And then this black car with two guys in it stopped.  They said they'd give us a ride.  Tom said he'd heard of this illegal 'black taxi' service before.  They were pretty nice and only took 60dkk.
Some food.  Some sleep.  Some minor misery in the morning.
I caught up with K walking down Njalsgade.. I was so worried that he'd be on the other side of the street that I didn't see him approaching until he was only a few meters away.  He'd been doing the same thing.
We went to his place and drank coffee and listened to records.. planned our approach for the evening at International People's College.
I'm summarizing.  This will happen.  back and forth in extent of detail.. not so much time on the computer here..
the trainride was nice.  public transportation is comfortable here.
We got to the train station in Helsingoer at the same time as Nikolaj (?) and then walked to the college.
Nikolaj has a good deadpan.  he's a funny dude.
It was cultural evening for Western Europe and North America.  US beer and food was represented by Budweiser, PB&J, and s'mores.  Superman was created by a canadian.  390,000 residents of the UK identify their religion as JEDI.  (I think it's in the flying-spaghetti-monster way).
The night was unpredictable and rad.. the show was great and it was younger nicolai's birthday.
gotta go yo.