farewell denmark, greetz germanz.

holy crap the bandini kvartetten record called "automaton" is so good.
daniel and james in particular are gonna love this soo much. i
listened to it while i waited until the last second in the copenhagen
airport for my flight's gate to be listed.
K and I made our way back to copenhagen after breakfast in Helsingoer
on sunday morning.
I should perhaps mention that This Keyboard In Berlin has the
positions of the z and y keys switched. for the duration of this
message, i will ignore this fact in favor of positively hilarious
I think i also forgot to saz anzthing about the sickness.
i was so fucking careful. before i left, i mean. i was meticulous to
the point of obsession, and it caught me anzhow. I had a nastz fever
the night before I left, and then for mz flight, i was fortunate
enough to have a serious serious meanspirited stuffed up headcold.. i
tranquiliyed mzself with antihistamines and managed to get "sleep" on
the flights.
was feeling mostlz better for the past few nights, but i'm reallz
feeling it in mz throat todaz and am hoping against hope that i won't
lose mz voice before tomorrow.
K and I arrived back in copenhagen about about 2 in the afternoon..
tried to get in touch with Dana, but had no luck.. Chris and Jo, too..
but i think folks were pretty busy planning their respective
I did, though, get to meet K's wife Rikke, who is totally wonderful,
and after we all sat around talking for quite a while, we hit up a
nearby market so that we could prepare a "highly traditional" danish
meal.. it was pretty amazing meatballs, potatoes, and a carrot and
apple slaw of some sort. We all talked a lot more and then K and I
listened to tons and tons of records.
We all bid farewell sort of early this morning.. we have lots of
awesome plans for future long-distance collaboration and even the
possibility of a scandinavian tour sometime in the future. I donät
know If i mentioned how great Ks set was the other night at the
hey that z and y thing got old reallz fast.
evidently the Danes have their right wing party as well. But im
repeatedly informed that their ideals more closely resemble moderate
leftwing american policies. bodes well.
K and I both freaked out about Ariel Pink. Him for the first time.
Me again and again and again.
I learned this common danish word which more or less means "emo". it
is weltschmertz. it is something which a person is filled up with.
got into berlin after dark. checked into my hostel after riding the
train into the town center... 18 euro isnt all that steep.. ive got a
gamble for tomorrow, though.. if i stay another night, i get it for
onlz 14 euro.. but i have to let them know by 11am.. im sort of hoping
that someone at the show might have a floor for me to crash on,
though.. so i think iäm gonna cast my lot in for that one and if it
comes up against me, ill just hoof back to the hostel and pony up some
dough. come through for me berlin! offer your floors!
im pretty tired at this point, and the lounge of this hostel is a lot
like a bar. but with huez lewis plazing. man.
i met a nice girl on the train who helped me figure out where my stop was.
and the girl working the door at hotelbar too. she was nice as well.
those are mz acquaintances in berlin thus far.

jesus. these posts are always a lot more intriguing and articulate
before i get a chance to sit down at a public computer with an
unfamiliar kezboard to trz to type them.
rest assured that the content upon which they are meant to report is
plenty captivating.

the walk signals in berlin are short men with widebrimmed hats and
long hasty strides.
i dont know why we dont have green walk signals in the USA. id never
have thought of it before, either, though.

i drew a nice flier for the shows at hotelbar and schokoladen. i
dunno if ill be able to scan it while iäm here, but iäll work on it.