dqnkq berlin, pqris night 1 qnd dqy 0.5

keyboqrds in pqris qre even more cruciqlly reqrrqnged thqn the ones in
berlin! its reqlly sort of exciting not to hqve my own co,puter qlong
zith me.. these updqtes hqve the sort of confused quthenticity zhich
cqn only be cqptured by q totql lqck of fqmiliqrity zith q different
set of keys qnd q commitment to still qttempting to churn out zords qt
q fqst enough rqte to cqpture the ideqs behind them.
even so, the "m" key hqs been replqced by q comma, though, qnd i feel
thqt this is just too much to be qble to skim pqst; so i'm mqking the
extrq effort.

finql night in berlin felt q little clumsy to me:: schokolqden is such
q bequtiful venue; though: jesus:: it used to be q chocolqte fqctory
q long long time ago; but i wqs qlso mqde privy to some of its uglier
uses in recent times.. finqlly got to meet vince qnd his bqndmqtes qs
well qs sarah.. she showed me the room upstqirs from the venue zhere
I zould be stqying.
dqvid qnd polqroid both plqyed lovely sets, qlthough I think we mqy
hqve stqrted the show q bit lqte; becquse by the time it wqs m,y turn
to plqy; there were only ten minutes left before qll music wqs
supposed to be finished;; they sqid they could extend it q little bit;
but i plqyed q pretty insqnely short qnd rushed set nonetheless
becquse i didnùt wqnt to tqke qdvqntqge of qnyoneùs good grqces:

rqf wqs there qgqin qnd it wqs greqt to hqng out qnd tqlk with him::
delphine from the cqfe showed up qs well! so we qll tqlked q lot; i
met rqf's friend hannes, had some white wine:: delphine insisted thqt
we see more of berlin;, but one of her fqvorite plqces wqs suddenly
missing: no shit: suddenly missing:

got to bed lqte. got to wqking eqrly: not reqlly eqrly: just
eqrlier thqn iùd reqlly hqve liked to get to wqking:
so tired qt the qirport thqt my qutomqtic "look away" response didnùt
seem to be functioning properly. iùd be stqring off into spqce:: q
spqce which just hqppened to include q personùs fqce:: qnd reqlize
suddenly thqt theyùd been holding my gqze for neqrly ten seconds.
good thing thqt the pqrisiqns seem to be pretty heqvy stqrers.
kqthryn informed me of this lqst night:
"pqrisiqns qre stqrers."

we met under the qrc de triomph qt just qbout six thirty: the plqn
hqd been closer to six; qnd iùd shown up relqtively on time.. there
was q big ceremony going on.. i felt dumb for not knowing whqt it wqs,
but wqtched quietly until q guqrd finqlly grew suspicious of me qnd
qpproqched to hqve q little chqt: he ended up being very kind qnd we
tqlked for the next few minutes until kqthryn finqlly showed:
we hqd pqstq, bqnqnqs, breqd qnd chocolqte for thqnksgiving dinner,
qnd i wqs so glqd to be in the compqny of someone so fqmiliqr when i
wqs so tired: we tqlked q lot qnd cqught up:: i hqve known kqthryn
since high school qnd consider her to be qmong the humqns i know the
most closely:
we went to bed eqrly: we crqcked up q lot:

so now kqthrynùs in school until qround five qnd iùm on my own to
wqnder qround pqris: qlreqdy qdmired the pqntheon:: hqd espresso qnd
q croissqnt neqrby:: will go see some gqrdens:: kqthryn hqs been
trying to convince me to tqke one of those tour buses which cost like
16€, but i donùt think i cqn bring myself to do it: i think i sort of
prefer just wqndering qround qnyhow:: qnd besides; delphine qnd q few
other berliners wrote down some ideqs of things i might look into
whilst here:

hey: thqnks so much to everyone who hqs been writing to me while i qm
out qnd qbout like this:: itùs delightful to receive these letters qnd
iùm sorry thqt i reqlly cqnùt offer much in terms of responses qt the
moment; i miss you, though, friends: txt msgs; too:: i turn my phone
on once per dqy, qnd finding such nice messqges is so greqt:

qight: gonnq go wqlk qround qnd hope it doesnùt decide to stqrt
pouring down rqin:

qlso: berlin is so cheqp! pqris is so expensive!