paris ffffast food via american keyboard

in an unnamed american fast food restaurant taking advantage of their
free wifi on kathryn's american laptop.
walked around a lot yesterday and didn't get very far with my level of
french-speaking. i shut the hell up, though, and found some beautiful
areas and narrow streets and waterfronts.
after school, kathryn and I assembled and decorated her new christmas
tree, and her friend angela brought over a burned cd of christmas
music as well.
i slept so hard last night.
i think i stayed asleep for ten hours.
i dreamed that i lived in the subway in New York and that it was
flooding, but my room stayed dry.
above ground, though, the streets were too narrow for cars and the
buildings were light colored like they are here.

oh oh. announcement:
that's the one at macsorley's on the 27th.
i'm totally sorry and i don't fully understand the situation, but it
has evidently fallen through.
this means that it's likely that i'll be wandering around glasgow
fairly aimlessly for the evening of the 26th, all day the 27th, and
the first half of the 28th. if you wanna show me any ropes, just drop
an email or something. trying to figure out where i'm gonna stay..
seems like there are a few hostels, so that's my business for the next
little bit here in aforementioned unnamed american fast food
restaurant with free wifi in the 17th arrondisement.