my dream in paris last night this morning: kept hearing that john
prine song "hello in there".. was in a war, an old war, a soldier kept
singing it after he got shot in the head. blood pouring out of his
helmet, i kept waiting for him to stop and it seemed like he was
slowing down, but i couldn't tell.. like when you're looking for
something and can't be certain whether or not you're forcing its
perception. and another song. a woman's voice. breathy and almost
girlish. singing "mail me your name". two generals facing off
against one another, fists raised, a cigarette in each hand, lit at
both ends. my forefingers jammed beneath his jaw a moment before.
got these weird fits all through paris, hard to swim to the surfaces
of them, try to keep them private mostly, but here they are published
vaguely in LCD before yr eyes. embarrassment is my truth detector.

was given the proverbial and literal third degree in prestwick
airport. ask a lot of questions, specific questions addressing vague
plans. go sit down at the back of the queu and wait for him to think
of more questions again. honestly, i think it was his first day on
the job, he kept asking the next agent over. my heart was beating in
my throat nonetheless. for an innocent person. i just wanted to make
sure i got to scotland, really.

portland, you will shit yourself over tchai ovna. a tea fucking
house. in an alley in an alley in a door behind a porch which you'll
probably only see on your way out if you're me. i'll play there on

oh and I met Laura, who happens to be staying in the same hostel as I
am (bluesky) and who happened to go to Lewis and Clark in Portland and
happens to know those lewis and clark kids I love so well.. jessica
and jessica and mason.. we quit and hoofbeats and such.. she'll be
working here for a while. in glasgow, i mean.

drew a flier for my scotland shows off of a photo from that david
attenborough book 'life on earth'... a weasel with mouseprey.
mouselips delivering pertinent information.

may or may not head toward edinburgh tomorrow.. dan could use some
help moving out to his new farmhouse in the country and this would
afford me an excellent opportunity to prove myself useful amid all
this hospitality. it would also probably just be nice to see his new
place. and his old place. and the transition between the two of
them. and also to meet him. and his people.
it might be nice to explore glasgow a bit more, too, though.