glasgow night 1 morning 1

both of my pens ran out of ink yesterday. within an hour of one
another. i was amazed. i suppose it is nice to be so easily amazed.

have found approximately one functional payphone in glasgow thus far.
could not manage to coordinate a phonecall to edinburgh with the
proper timing, so i'll stick around these parts for the next few days.
jackie-o is playing the same night as me here, but at a different
place.. i imagine mine will be a fairly early bit of business, so i'm
gonna see if i can get over there to see them play and say hello to
nick and tom.

Laura and I stayed up late playing dice (one and two pence) with the
Latvians last night. Evidently wearing a pink cowboy hat makes you
roll a lot of sixes. I was on the losing end of this discovery.

Allison told me about the cemetary on the hill. I'll find it today
and look out a long way. it has a different name, but I can only call
to mind 'necronomicon', and i'm about positive it's not lovecraft or
armies of darkness. (edit: "necropolis")

dropped off fliers at tchai ovna this morning. found a little used
bookstore right nextdoor. gonna see if i can trade in the book i
brought and finished. Paul Auster: The New York Trilogy. It was so
good. Thanks Becca. Now it'll live with someone in Glasgow.