bussssride f'glasgae t'edinburgh

arrived in edinburgh at around 1 this afternoon.. managed to impress
myself once more by finding my way to the forest cafe on foot. the
forest cafe. is so great. all volunteer staff.. i think that after
my show on the second in manchester, i'll probably train or bus back
upward to edinburgh and spend the next four or five days working there
and recording some soundtracks for some animations with dan.
last night's show was.. ahem.. once again.. a little clumsy. or i
dunno how to put it. jim and lesley were both so wonderful and then
when i played (at least for me) there was a bit of a visceral sense of
which. i dunno. i suppose. is bound to happen from time to time.
i could go into further detail, but it might be a pretty pointless
regardless, it was wonderful to finally get to meet jim. i tried to
encourage him to hit me up for a show in portland, but i'm not sure if
he'll do it. we can hope.
i met a really nice dude named julian who is gonna show me some remixes, too.
thanks tchai ovna. you are a rad place.

afterward i walked all the way across town to find mono.. before i
could actually locate it, though, i saw eva and michael sitting
outside and across the street from it. i think tom was the only
person who knew i was going to be there, so it was sort of a nice
one-sided surprise to get to witness. especially nick. they were
kind enough to share their venue-provided food with me.. i realized it
had been nearly days since i'd had any fruit and i think i managed to
get down a couple of apples and bananas..
we all laughed a lot and i got to see most of bardo pond's set. nick
and tom told me about playing in a church from 1050 in italy.. almost
missing and missing flights.. etc.
laura was there too and we walked back to the hostel together.
ate cola flavored fizzy candy from the venue on the way. that's
probably how i got to the point of feeling a bit more talkative than i
usually like to feel. it was fine. it was a good night. i slept
really well after having walked so much while carrying all my

dan found me late in the afternoon.. i'd walked around edinburgh just
a little.. it's so different from glasgow!.. we went on a few
errands.. he does so much! i'm excited to get to do some of it as
and now i'm at his house. we had tea. and oat cakes and cheese and
'strong steven' which is a spicy sauce from hungary. i think that's

later we'll play at the forest.