woke up in manchester this morning with a lot of the street signs and
traffic signals sort of haphazardly rearranged. we walked home
through it last night. the wind! jesus.
the show at the basement was a lot of fun.. a nice instance of me
managing not to get flustered and to still play well even though
everything sounded like awful mud. I met some really nice people and
afterward we went to a party beneath this mill which has been
converted into artist studios. oh and the levenshulme bike orchestra
blew me the hell away even with a performance they'd rather not
yesterday I spent a good near seven hours on the bus getting here.
today i will spend a good near nine on the way back. it's just as
well.. only got about four hours of sleep.. this way i can cramp
myself up in those tiny seats.
it took a while longer to find the bus station this morning than it
would have. on account of all those rearranged signs and signals.
which is why i mentioned it, i guess.

the show at henry's cellar bar the other night went beautifully. les
infantes bastardes (ssssppppelling?) were really wonderfully over the
top and nicely unpredictable. eagleowl were beautiful as well.
i think i stayed out late that night, too.

and going to dan's new farmhouse. spending the evening by the fire
with his close people. i'll head back there and walk around by edge
of the esk river some more. these low hanging trees.

tomorrow i work my first shift at the forest!

hope all's well,

p.s. - oh yeah! the show at the forest was great too.. only i liked
the set dan and i played together better than my own!