edinburgh again.

(nighttime 031206)
the wind was whipping (whip! whip!) in the wet darkness as I fought across the north bridge and invariably onto the south. (fight! fight!) the wind, i mean. was what I was fighting. (fight! fight!) Me I was still shaking off shallow busdreams. A tall handsome strangeress crossed toward me in the night. (strange! strange!) I wished suddenly that I had any idea what a whooporwhill sounded like.
I almost wanted to stay another day in manchester, but the moon is full here and the return, green. People sigh when I ask how long they've lived here, as if they were playfully ashamed. One could easily be forgiven, though, for whiling away decades at a time.
(while! while!)

(early eveningtime 041206)
today I worked at the forest for the first time. kept myself mostly to the dish-pit and thought about the half and half. I made a bunch of drinks, though, too.. and then went to help dan and saskia decorate for the blind date fundraiser for the afghan schools. Saskia shoo'd me off promptly at four, though, when she realized that the person up with whom I'd been set was supposed to arrive to help out just then. "Do Not Talk To Anyone On Your Way Out." They do not take their blind-dates-for-charity lightly here. Shannon from the forest has offered to come along as a chaperone.

arrived back in town at 1930 last night and called yaz's flat just in time to catch them before they were heading out to the farm. They asked me to wait for them at the forest and I was glad for the opportunity to cross the bridge at night. I was thinking of it being all dark and looking out over the below, but of course it's a city street as well as a bridge, and lit up like a football stadium. I arrived at the forest at almost the same time as them. Robin was driving. Robin is, as I understand it, the driving force behind the afghan schools project. He is neat.

I'm gonna go walk around.