these short dark days. this cold walking around everywhere. yaz and I were talking about it last night. the sweet tooth. I think I want to hibernate. It's the first time I've ever witnessed it quite
so objectively. or.. um.. with what feels like subjective accuracy. And I have discovered what 'fudge' means here. and 'tablet'. butter and sugar. that's about it. Last night I felt like a little kid. Made myself sick. ate some good good rice and peppers dish which chris had whipped up. got over my sugar hangover and started in again. Yaz was slower to resume sweets consumption, so i figure I won somehow.
Dan arrived home from decorating for the blind date after party (from whence I was banished, you'll recall) and yet a third dinner was prepared. I did not participate. We did some dishes. Mike had brought home some movies. we watched 'coming to america'. we watched 'hercules in new york'. which is an early early arnold schwarzenegger film.. like before he was famous.. like it was a promo for his body-building celebrity-hood.. 'featuring his real voice for the first time!'. it is strangely the same film as 'coming to america'. you should probably all rent it immediately.
blind date closed with ninety participants. which is frankly incredible.
dan has asked me to play at the after party, but i'm not sure the music i've been playing on this tour is party-time enough for it. that and i've also been rather enjoying just spending time here
without playing my songs.

chris, at dan's request, invented a new drink with the very little booze these mostly-non-drinkers had in the flat. shapricot. THE APRICOT BRANDY MUST BE POURED FIRST. and then sherry. it is stomach-turning.
ly delicious.

worked at the forest again this morning with ryan from connecticut and lis from australia.

now i'll try to find a laundromat and not stink so bad.