survived the nightbus from edinburgh to london with only a mild antihistamine hangover stacked against me. grogged through a couple underground transfers and alighted at heathrow. this keyboard is metal and expen£ive. and hard to type on.

volunteered to be bumped from my flight and got a nice voucher for my trouble. this after i was very cleverly jacked for 15 quid when i first got to heathrow. cut my losses and still managed to come out on top. killing four extra hours.

too ooo oo many highlights from edinburgh finale. got trapped in a flat and had to jump out the window after an hour and a half of failed macguyverisms. thought i fucked up my foot but walked it off within twenty minutes. deadbolts you can;t unlock from inside?!

charity blind date night was a huge success on any level imaginable. carried around enough booze to kill an elephant with dan and they raised somewhere in the neighborhood of 500£ for the afghan schools. my date was a delighttt as well.

oh and skipraiding. a lot of it. dumpster diving in the states.
they know where all the good ones are.

and madonna and wham farewell dance parties in the flat.

gotta stop spending now.
slainte mhath!