th'return's been a little unsteady, but i've managed well enough.
Some guy projectile-vomited next to me on the subway the night after I returned. none of it got on me or anything, but I find it a little suspicious that I couldn't even hold down water for the next twenty four hours. Which, of course, gave me a far enhanced version of jetlag. Oh and I was at work the whole time. thread up a film, try to fix a busted xenon arc bulb, curl up on the floor and hallucinate myself into a dream for a few minutes, repeat. anyhow, I recovered in a few days.
Beyond that, my time in NYC is just about up. Six month mark is fast approaching, and I'll be back in PDX by january 8th. Gonna play with We Quit! and Chin Up Meriwether on the 11th, too! The first show of my return, and possibly the only one for a little while.

Europe was pretty wonderful and enlightening and sometimes lonely and amazing. Thanks to Chris Johanson (without whose generous invitation none none none of it would've been initiated), Tom Greenwood, Dana Dart Mclean, everyone at the Nicolai Wallner gallery, K (Bandini Kvartetten) and Rikke, Bob, Christopher, Nikolaj and the IPC, Raf, Jaime, Delphine, David Hull, Sarah Asling, Vince and everyone from Polaroid, Joe for introducing me to them, Kitty Solaris, Brian and his Bedroom Band, Kathryn, HotelBar and Schokoladen, Laura, Allie, Jim McAteer, Lesley McIvor, Dan, (and Allan Western Graves who introduced me to Dan!), Yas, Chris, Mikey, Shannon, Ryan, Catherine, Claire, EagleOwl (Bart, Malcolm, Clarissa), Cameron Les Enfant Bastard, Karina, Sylvia, Jess, Farmhouse Chris, Magda, Saska, El Granuja, The Forest Cafe, CIA Nights (just for existing), Henry's Cellar Bar, Jonathan, Beth, Sonya, Hazel, Alex, defunkles, huckleberry soundsystem, levenshulme bike orchestra, the basement, and lots and lots of other people who were helpful and nice to me.. and lots and lots.. infinitely high numbers, in fact, of people who were kind enough to give me directions when i stopped them on street corners and looked really confused. It was too good of you.

So I got back and have started (almost finished) shipping my belongings back pdx-ward.. reverted to my original sleeping position in my tiny room.. which is with my head toward the window.. bed in the center of the floor.. head, in fact, right next to the window.. I had a dream that I was smuggling something (I don't know what) long distances, each stop was a cabin and there was snow everywhere. I haven't seen snow in ages and still hold out hope that NYC may come through for me before I leave.

(edit: p.s. - chris broughtst'd my attent to this pdxmercury niceness this morning! thanks Adam! I wasn't 'split'd'ing for New York' for keeps or anything! It's nice here, and I will miss it, but I'm coming back.)