Holy crap we swamped Valentine's last night. Thanks Jen. Thanks everyone who came and We Quit and Chin Up Meriwether. I hadn't really had the opportunity to be social since I'd returned on Monday night and spent all of the next two days moving my things out of storage. I couldn't keep up and stopped trying and people didn't seem to mind.
The mercury said nice things, too. (it was my first sort of 'interview' aside from the one Chris and I did last spring, and they couldn't print the whole thing, but I'm putting it up here because I got to talk about people who I like a lot and because I can get cowardly about this sort of thing and felt that I stepped up to it nicely in this instance.)
My new room is big and has three giant windows on one side of it facing out into a winter tree. I almost don't know what to do with all this space after having been in such tiny places in NYC for six months. Then I remember how much bulk I have in musical instruments and figure it'll suit me fine. Living with James, Daniel, and Alex along with No Fucking Excuses, Sadie, and Eric Crespo, who are cats. Eric Crespo the human may or may not join us soon as well.
Feeling a little unfocused, but I'll be quiet for a long consecutive time. I'll try to find the skull. unmake your fate!
I have had vivid dreams in this room so far. Not comfortable ones. Last night we were somewhere on an island. A cold green island. These giant hill-vertibrae and dark skies illuminating them. These sudden cliffs and seawater far below. And these drunk tourists. Maybe I was one of them? I was also not one of them because I was trying to organize a let's-not-fall-over-the-cliff-now-shall-we sort of policy. And then I had a shot. It took a while to take effect, but my jaw started to lock up, the blood froze in my neck, it was some sort of a procedure, they took too long in administering the second shot because it had to be given in the cheek, but through a condom (?) and they couldn't find one which was intact. The brown-haired girl who did not seem like a doctor did not seem to know what she was doing very well. My jaw locked up and the blood froze in my neck. She administered the second shot. I was told to keep my mouth open and felt the side of the needle with my tongue, but somehow its contents were not emptied there. My jaw locked up and the blood froze in my neck. My head felt like a vacuum-dream. It came in waves and I woke up.

Today I will put books on my shelves and try to start picking things out of boxes.
Tomorrow I will walk up to Seattle to play a show at Allan's house with Ghost Family and Leslie Gore. Ok, I will drive.
I saw Leslie Gore play at Jesse's house on Wednesday night and had two of their heartbreaking songs in my mind all day yesterday. They are from San Francisco. Allan says he gets to pick their entire set at his house and has promised to make accommodation for my selections as well.

I don't know when my next show will be after tomorrow night!
I'll let you know in three weeks or so.