Dues! Dues?!

Breakfast potluck show on sunday was about as perfect as perfect can get.
hung out with aaron and ellen (in town from thailand briefly) the night before and didn't get nearly enough sleep in the face of the moved-up time change. not nearly enough. I think a lot of people didn't. Which made it sort of a nice and weird thing to be pushing sounds through. I got there at like 1030 and nobody had shown up yet. Daniel and I laughed about it and thought it would be fun anyhow. I'm so glad to be (sort of) living with those dudes. All of their sets were so good. Bird Costumes did this really.. uh.. i dunno.. sort of nonchalant apocalyptic echo and then Argumentix played three minutes of frustrated brutality in a more nuanced way than you can really imagine that sounding like. I cut through the sleepdep and nailed my set. My voice was clear. Maybe it's like that in the morningtime. I subdued my stupid embarrassment urges and addressed the thing properly. Ghost to Falco put me in my place. Eric's songs are so thorough. I know he's got a new record coming out on BelowPDX. I have it already. You should get it too.
The breakfasts people brought were good, too. excellent.

I waited until today to make a post partly because I wanted to get through my newest eye appointment. I feel pretty encouraged afterward. This doctor was not nearly so disturbed by the appearance of my eye. On a microscopic level, I mean. I don't think I will go blind after all. Jesus. I do get to put steroids into my eye four times per day for a while, though. huh.

James and I watched Rize the other night and it made me think a lot.

We had our best practice yet in Haiku Ambulance on Monday night. (did I mention I'm playing in Haiku Ambulance now? We have a show, too!) Hopefully Chevron will have some shows soonish, too.

BARR will probably jumpstart changes my life every time I see him play. So transgressive and direct. "I will totally fucking BARF on YOUR FACE!"

I am totally excited about opening for Earth. I know I've already said it.

And on Saturday Joel and Heather from Lesley Gore / Brothers & Sisters will arrive here and we will all drive up to Seattle together and play a show with Land What Land before I drive back down to portland for work. I am stoked to see Allan and all of everyone.

I submitted a song to PDX POP, too.