so we went to um.
not no I went to the I doctor. Eye doctor.
I went to the eye doctor this morning for like the hundredth (uninsured) time in the past month-and-a-half. "This is beyond my scope of expertise" which is sort of a final kind of sentiment, given all the antibiotics I have been throwing against this corneal ulcer. I wished he could take a picture of it for me, and he did too, but he described it and I don't wish to re-describe it actually.
With any luck I will be able to retain vision in my left eye. Not luck.. skill and care and a lot of money. I mean it could easily be worse.
Next wednesday: Specialist in Vancouver. (Cataract and Laser Institute). (Corneal Infection.)
But 1.tomorrow I will go snow-shoe-ing.
And 2.on sunday we will have the potluck breakfast show at the No Fucking Excuses House (from which I am currently living in exile to house-sit for Chris and Jo [and Raisin]) (Hi Mercury).
And 3.Today I got the news that I will be playing with Earth on the 30th of this month. Which excites me to no end because I love that band so much.
And 4.I got my bike, finally. Now I need a lock. Does anyone have a spare lock they wanna part with on the cheap?
And 6.I have a job I like and co-workers I like and people to play music with I love and questionable grammar and a good good (temporary) living situation and some fun shows coming up.
Also 7.Hopefully my new glasses will arrive to the safety supply store (46$!) in the next couple of days.
So this eye thing is ok. Still: This Eye Thing. But it's ok. fuck.