I say it a lot because it's what trades oxygen to each cell. I think about it a lot because it's what trades oxygen to each cell.

At the limit of what I can pull off without having to step it down to half the ass of it all. Ron and Jane and I are playing a few shows in Janet Pants Danse Theatre (with Tom Grimley!). Practice every night for two weeks and lose track of days but it starts to sound weirdly focused and gooood for something so hasty. Oh there are so many reasons I'm losing track of the days right now. SpaRaInag Taiamae!
Hooliganship had three dee glasses at that show. They played along with their animation which smartly had some the drumbeats in it, too. Lines about injury in valium deadpan.
Dana and I will play in Piss Mystics at Nathaniel's Birthday on the 31st. It's at Valentine's. Courtesy Is Not Bullshit. Courtesy Means That I Am Willing To Give You Courtesy. We'll probably only have had two practices, but we get an amazing amount of focused work done in short periods of time. Writing lyrics which rearrange themselves.. making tones which vomit straight against gravity..
And of course a shit ton of Dragging an Ox through Water shows are on the near horizon. Come see my friend Ora play this friday. She lives in Canada and only comes through not all that terribly often. And the Junktown Junksale will be great great. Pretendingly crappy art which is skilled and made with so much love. (somehow I said that all wrong but sometimes you say shit all wrong.) And that show on Sunday with Au and Modernstate both releasing their new records simultaneously! They're all really good shows. I'm lucky. Come to all of them. If you're sick of hearing me play then just plug your ears and yell during my set or something.. I'm probably gonna either play completely different stuff at each one, or else a really precisely written set which I can dig into and pry apart at the seams. I feel good about it right now.