Grouper covered a paula abdul song right out of the gate. It was coldhearted snake and made me get all reminded of 1.skate palace and 2.jumping over this big log near fairy lake or something when I was a little kid because I was singing that song a lot then. I hope we play more shows together, I really like her music. Maybe Seattle soon. I played and got some of it way right. It felt good either way and I let the things which were gonna happen happen and made a joke about being glad you are all here to see me fuck up like this. Sam let me use his floortom and I played Oak and Eye along with the newer part which goes "reality is lurking, death is looming, there are predators predating you and me and our ideas of what we might be, I will be the super-related cousin of all these princesses, jesus rules jesus rules".. it has recorder loops played into the contact mic on my guitar, maybe I'll play it again sometime. The floortom collapsed right at the end of the section during which I needed it for an appropriately climactic effect. I played that song for the first time at a show a little over a year ago with Sam and Davis, too. Then Modernstate played, long and loud drones building on themselves, Jesse's beats are sounding so nice behind some of Sam's songs these days. Sam's drumming, too. These songs come into the present so nicely. Peter was there, too, and I got to give him a copy of the "is there heat rising in your neck" record and he has subsequently mailed me a copy of some of his recent stuff, which I am excited to listen to sooooon.
I'm excited to go to Canada to play the Music Waste festival. I've never been there at all, but have played with some really nice people from up there.
Tonight's the Words+Music thing at Someday Lounge, too. Still trying to avoid this weird lingering chestcold thing everyone seems to be battling.. hopefully I'll be able to sing nicely, their soundsystem is so good there. I've never really been into good soundsystems all that much, because I have such a good time doing my own crunched-up crappy-speaker'd sound, but theirs makes me rethink it a little.