quit crocket

I started writing a post recently, but didn't feel that I had time to properly finish it. I'll try to just ease up and write some short posts, right? Ok, so first here's this to catch up:
My car got destroyed by the cops. Well a drunk driver. The cops pitted him into it. it was parked and everything, I wasn't in it or anything. Loud scenario. Late at night. Looked potentially horrific. My car was the only damage from the chase. Alright.
Oh man Canada was so fun. We stayed with Ora and with the Doers and N213 and the shows were good. It rained a lot, but not while we drove. Music Waste.
I was almost late to a show. Oh hell I was totally late. I missed Plankton Watt and felt like a dick. It was an honest mistake and everything.. the same day as Jeff and Robin's Croquet Tournament and Scout's baby-birthday. The same day it started pouring down rain in the sunshine when we got in the car and listened to velvet underground "ocean". Well anyhow, what I saw and participated in of the show was really good if pretty truncated. Meghan played with Ghosting and it was her last week in town before heading out as US Girls for a long time.
and Grouper and I went to Seattle to play with Faulty Towers and Flexions, too. Dr Glorious' might be one of my favorite basements to play in. I want Flexions to play in pdx soon again.
After that I played with the Enablers and I'd say 'goddamn'. We'll play again in california and I'm really excited to get to see them play once more. PDXPOPNOW was really fun even though I was so sick and had a really bad fever while I played. Tour is shaping up in California with Ghost to Falco for the end of September. I slept on a trampoline last night.

Oh and I have been active on Joke Insurance.

Oh and the car situation is kind of a nightmare.