tour updddate

1. salem played with kalaloch, stayed with kalaloch. in their backyard in a tent because they'd both had the stomach flu that day! gross! they were feeling better, though and taught us to roast starburst over a campfire. man, human ingenuity.

2. stonehenge in eugene and my friend mckenzie is living there! some people came out and I may have had a nip of whiskey or two before Debate Champ Kevin Stone was so gracious with his oly supplies. Was on a bummer when I played, but brought it thoroughly into the room with me with a lot of squealing dual amp feedback and recorder solos. Felt a lot better afterward. Matt and Mckenzie brought us bread from their bakery in the morning! I slept in a future-darkroom with feathers.

3. Crespo says Davis is the epicenter of more-regulations-will-make-our-community-better. Our show at Delta of Venus was fun and then we followed Ganglians and company to an impossibly comfortable house in Sacramento and walked around for a while in the middle of the night. Which was not empty or quiet and there is a moped gang thing happening and everyone there is used to it like white noise.

4. Kevin welcomed us to Oakland and then we went to Eva's for dinner before playing on John Benson's bus. This bus should stay around forever. Modernstate plays with us too and it's good to hang out. Inca Ore's set is beautiful and so is BarnOwl's. I haven't mentioned yet, I guess, how good it is to be touring with Ghost to Falco and seeing him play every night. Epic Oakland night.. we stayed at the Puffin House thnx to Tara, and go to the giant swap meet the next day for a while.

5. Took a nap in Fort Mason park when we got to SF. Found our way to the Hemlock and met up with the Enablers there. Show was good and it was rad to hang out with those dudes again. We'll try to repeat the bill in PDX. Shit they were real good.

6. Santa Cruz early enough to go to the beach. Went to the beach. Eric got roared at by a real beat up looking sea lion. Show at pergolessi was actually really well attended. Got to hang out with Hiram. My old friend Nick just moved to town and Eric and I crashed with him and Molly. They made vegan chocolate chip cookies for us.

7. Securities racket outside the smell. "Just a word of advice, I saw yr car, the one with oregon plates, and it looks like you've got a lot of stuff in there.. windows get broken sometimes, but I could keep an eye on it for you.." so it was an alliance, i guess.. Jim hosted us real nice and brady, alexis, and nathan all came out for the show. LA is full of crickets. We crashed with Justin OMS-B. People change lanes a lot on the freeway in the middle of the night. Maybe we'll go to where Eric lived when he was little. Maybe we'll go to get my glasses fixed. Maybe we'll play a show tonight. We don't know yet.