Jevon played 'drums' with me at the show with Tara Jane O'neil, Sad Horse, and Dirty Mittens the other night. That set made me feel really good. One of my homemade oscillators got totally stepped on and never noticed but oh well it was only breadboarded. Working on getting a tour in france set up for July, and I think a short east coast tour shortly before that. Then maybe the whole U.S. in May

War's entering its sixth year tomorrow. Almost 4,000 dead Americans at least 82,000 dead Iraqis. Cheney and McCain both say they think Iraq's been a success. Obama's the best game in town but will he even shut down Guantanamo? No torture on American soil. No American support of torture. No illegal wars. None of us can wash our hands of this just because we were against it from the start and voted accordingly. yr taxes still purchase the mess. write your representatives.