got the dose of the cold everyone's had recently. I lost my voice just before the show w what can skulls tell us and led to sea, but I'd been working on building some new instruments so I took the opportunity to play these candle-controlled things and i thought they sounded really beautiful. One is built in an old slide viewer. Maybe one day I will have a picture I dunno.
Been getting a lot of recording done. Need help on an East Coast tour for mid June and a France/Belgium/Germany tour for early July.
The Dislodged Mass Is Sinking In The Mud, The Marrow Of The Money Is Spoiling Into Blood.
I'm playing a show at Westside Welding and Machine in my other band jung sleaths on saturday 2008/04/12 with Laundry Room Squelchers, honed bastion, idx1274, Suicidal Tendons, Ecomorti, the moisturizer, Stab At God, American Hair Cut, Jaundiced Member, Skellaten, Sean Ra, yellow crystal star, abusive delay, and Householed.
I'm playing a show at Valentine's in my other band Grandfather Claws (with Eric from Ghost to Falco and Courtney and Morgan from Courtney and Morgan) on 2008/04/21 with Inca Ore and Grouper. We played our first show tonight in a living room for James, Jodie, Dan, Kilynn, Alex and it was a smash shit success

I need some money to buy some parts like ICs, potentiometers, photoresistors, $witche$, and a drill bit set because I want to build all my own equipment as much as possible. I want to make it all fit into one thing. I mean, we'll see. I've been scavenging racing game foot pedal controllers like crazy, though. Oh and I'm a vegetable when you're far away.