Human magic. Glamour imagination. Human mobster. Spilt annoyance magic.

I just woke up.

last night or this morning I had a long dream and at the end of it I was in a bedroom and a hardy-esque man in a black suit was sort of vaguely menacing us with a bottle. Some other people were there too constituting the 'us'. I took it from him in pretty short order, since he seemed a little out of it and I figured it would keep him from hurting anyone. He, though, immediately leaned over and started reaching for something under the bed in such a focused way that his destructive intentions were telegraphed to everyone. I hit him with the bottle, but not before he had grabbed some little revolver and fired a shot into me somewhere.
A little wooden plaque appeared which said

O godhead thou hast seen fit to die two new under the sun under the earth.
The golden shopkeeper, too, weeps from beneath her silent plot.

NYC has been good. My set last night was rushed. I wasn't finished setting up when they said it was suddenly time to start, but there were unexpectedly five bands on the bill and long late soundchecks, so I did what I could in the circumstance and managed a few golden moments. Got in a really lame dark mood for a few minutes and walked around a little. James cheered me up too and fuckit anyhow. The rest of the show was good, though, and Silver Apples was absolutely incredible. Really inspiring.
I also played at Piano's with Susu and at Lucky Cat with Wooden Nickle and Diacon-Panthers. Both shows were pretty fun.. at Piano's I got to make the most use of the instruments I've been building since I got here.

Nika and I might go to PS1 today but first I am in dire need of laundry-doing.
A bird was gasping on the sidewalk right in the crowded part of bedford next to the subway, I was gonna wait for the bus and I noticed it right there amongst people's feet. Sometimes people would notice it and look bummed. It was pretty clear that it would be trampled, it looked like it was dying anyhow, but trampling.. ugh. I had some paper towel in my backpack so I picked it up to walk it to mccarren park so it could die in peace. missed my bus and walked about five blocks with it when it suddenly flew out of my hands and off into the distance. I ran a block and got on the same bus I'd missed. Got home and took a serious shower hoping for no H5N1 mites. is it an anecdote? alright.

Also: Happy Birthday I Love You