we were in europe. we were all over the place. I landed bleary in france and our friend Camille helped us to get a rideshare down to lyon after a few days. Bordeaux, first, I mean. Then Lyon.. where we played with Hector Nuros and Noize of my Navel and that show was totally amazing. Lyon was really good to us and I can't wait to go back. Dana and I covered a Michael Hurley song a lot. Camille saved our asses a lot. Same with Simon. I saw Peter at the Bastille day celebration and won a bet for seven euro which had been made almost two weeks earlier. The show at Camille's flat was totally incredible, too. I know this is heavy summarizing. Got home in time for a show with the amazing Bow Ribbons and also in time for the PDX Pop Now festival, which felt so good to play this year. I missed portland while I was gone. I think I'm gonna be leaving again for a while soon, too. The test pressings for my new record "The Tropics of Phenomenon" arrived and they sound gooooood. Chris said I'm going to have them in time for the secret show on the 27th. which I think is alright to talk about now, but I'm gonna check and find out and get back to you. Maybe there is a flyer I can post or something. Anyhow, that is not the release show, but I think I will hopefully have one shortly after that. Very shortly.

oh and also, James came out with his belowpdx mixtape #1 which I am included on along with ghost to falco, frozen body, inca ore, the tenses and many others! oh and also, I was on the pdx pop compilation this year! oh and also I have a new record coming out. I know I already mentioned that.